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MX40 .. MX120

2.000 - 12.000 l/h

Typical applications

•    Ideal for clean or slightly contaminated acids and alkalines

•    Suitable for most plating solutions

•    Not suitable for electroless nickel and abrasive solutions or solutions which contain ferrous particles



•    Magnetic drive

•    Sealless, therefore leakfree 

•    Provide extra safety factor for agressive and expensive liquids

•    Standard with GF union connetions with a choice of sockets, available in PP, PVDF and CPVC

•    Max. temp. PP 80˚C / 176˚F , PVDF 100˚C / 212˚F

•    Motor with two component Polyurethane coating for excellent chemical resistance



•    Hose adapters

•    Flanges

•    Priming chamber

•    Dry run protection