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MX160 .. MX410

10.000 - 40.000 l/h


Typical applications

•    Hazardous and toxic solutions

•    Acids, alkalines and other corrosive liquids

•    Plating, pre- and post-treatment solutions



•    Magnetic coupled, sealless providing maximum safety

•    High power Neodymium rare-earth magnets 

•    Increased efficiency by incorporated vortex chamber

•     Robust structure providing reliable and secure performance

•    Highly durable PP allowing temperatures up to 80˚C

•    Standard with GF union connetions with a choice of sockets

•    Modular design for easy and low cost maintenance

•    Quality fasteners out of passivated Stainless Steel

•    European made motor with acid resistant 70 µm 2C PU coating 



•    Hose adapters or flanges

•    Priming chamber

•    Dry run protection

•    SiC and other special coated bearings

•    Frequency inverter

•    Atex electric motor