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Series 1

1.000 - 3.000 l/h



Typical applications

    Plating and process industry



•    Magnetic drive pump

•    Filter chamber with welded bottom (no seal)

•    One or two filter chambers (parallel or serial)

•    String wound, spunbonded, pleated or carbon cartridges

•    All PP or PVDF construction

•    Max. temperature PP 80˚C / PVDF 100˚C

•    Unions for rigid piping (PP, PVDF or CPVC sockets)

•    Standard with 3 phase motor, thermal overload switch, lead without plug, air release and drain valve



•    Hose connection

•    Pressure gauge

•    Single phase motor

•    Switch with auxiliary contact

•    Single open end cartridges

•    PVDF

•    Viton