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Hendor Recovery Cell

Why use HRC?

•    to recover precious metals

•    to remove metal from waste streams

•    to reduce (rinsing) water consumption

•    to avoid troublesome techniques to convert recovered precious metals back

      to liquids/production


How it works
A fine metallic matrix is inserted into a cylindrical cathode.
The constant turbulence caused by the Hendor HRC system exposes the cathode 
continuously to fresh ions. Thus plate out up to very low concentration is guaranteed. 
The cathode can be removed easily. Accountability is assured, simply by weighing, 
sampling or melting the cathode.



•    Low energy operating costs

•     Optimal high speed separation

•     Inexpensive/disposable cathodes

•     Precise record keeping + metal extraction

•     Easy inexpensive processing

•     Little floor space required