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Serie D33 - D35 - D39

40.000 - 180.000 l/h


Typical applications

•    Designed and developed for low life cycle cost in corrosive low pressure applications

•    Scrubbing (fume and air)

•    Waste water treatment

•    Rinsing



•    Low energy consumption due to high hydraulic efficiency and IE3 class Premium Efficiency Motor

•    Machined high grade Simona® AlphaPlus™ PP

•    Elastomers EPDM

•    Sealless pump, can run dry endlessly

•    Round mounting plate for easy installation

•    Including discharge pipe with GF union 

•    Impeller locked (no damage with wrong rotation direction)

•    Oversized motor according to Hendor heavy duty specifications

•    Stainless steel shaft and fasteners (no metal in contact with liquid) 

•    Motor 4 pole, IP55, Class F, S1 Duty and PTC-160

•    Double layer 2C chemical resistant coating

•    Hoisting eyes for easy lifting and transportation

•    CE and usULc certified complying with IEC 60034 standards



•    GF union connection socket in PVC or CPVC 

•    Suction extension pipe

•    Suction strainer

•    FPM (Viton™) elastomers

•    Vapour lock

•    Foam rubber seal in mounting plate

•    Flange discharge connection

•    Customized mounting plate

•    Customized color

•    Extra anti-corrosion coating on motor

•    Voltages outside standard range


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