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New Filters

• More sustainable and energy efficient
• Longer filter medium service life
• Even more user-friendly
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Inspiration for the new generation filters

The special thing about a family business is that the work of the previous generation continues. Our Technical Director Hessel Bohncke is a great example for that. Over thirty years after the launch of his father's design, he revised the Hendor filters and now presents them to the surface finishing industry.

Pioneer in the use of Polypropylene

In the 1980s, our former owner Henk Bohncke launched the polypropylene (PP) filter to the market. His son Hessel was involved at a young age. ‘I remember very well,' says Hessel, 'that my father committed to the design and development process for a very long time. As a teenager, I worked with him the day before the launch to finalize these filters, which were unique at the time. It was a Saturday and the pressure was on. One thing was clear: the filters had to be perfect. So it was a late night.’

The design of these filters was very advanced for that time. Hendor was one of the first to use PP on a large scale for its products. Hessel: 'We slowly made the switch from PMMA to PP. The use of PP opened up more possibilities in terms of chemical resistance, processability, service life, and availability of raw materials. We were able to start injection moulding our own parts. Based on this new knowledge, my father made a new filter design.’

Innovation for leak-proof filters

The challenge of that design lay mainly in making the filter leak-free. ‘Nowadays, all tubes are nice and round; they used to be an exception. It was difficult to turn them into cylinders,' explains Hessel. 'I remember on that Saturday that I had to work the outside of the filter thoroughly, because it was so unround.' Hendor collaborated a lot with manufacturers to get the tubes as round as possible. Meanwhile, colleagues in the industry were using rubbers, which often led to leaks. Father Henk came up with two innovative solutions: welding the bottoms, and using screw thread with o-ring seal for the connections.

In more than thirty years, technology has advanced within the industry. Think of the different phases of our production process, the quality of the plastic, the size tolerances, and the weldability of PP. ‘There used to be a lot of color difference in the PP. If you had welded against it, you would see light brown, dark brown. Nowadays, you can't even see the weld. Over the years, we saw the quality improve. That offered opportunities to take it a step further.’ And so last year, Hessel literally followed his father's footsteps and completely redesigned the filters.

New Hendor filters: even more user-friendly

The new Hendor filters are even more user-friendly and efficient. Due to its innovative double-weld design, the filter has less pressure loss, more flow, more reach, and more energy efficiency. No concessions have been made on the quality of raw materials, features, or ease of maintenance. Additionally the carbon footprint of the new design is reduced. 'But the objective was also to reduce manufacturing costs. My design therefore contains fewer components. As a result, there are fewer working hours. Without making everything more expensive, we achieve the same high quality that was in my father's design.’

The first new filters are available in the 3, 7 and 15 series. Are you interested in or do you have questions about the advantages of these new filters? Please contact us, we are ready to work for you.