We understand the urgent need for reliable pumps and filter systems. Therefore, discover our products available directly from stock.
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Your partner in the surface finishing industry

We design and manufacture pumps & filtration systems for the surface finishing industry, and scrubber applications.

Being future proof is our standard. We find it obvious that our products serve a long product lifetime. Therefore, we seek challenge in the development of new, better technologies with low energy costs, and environmental impact. Because, we innovate for a better world.

We make well-considered choices when it comes to our products, and how we operate as a company. Our solutions come from over seventy years of gathered knowledge and experience in the industry. However, we always find the correct solution with others. Close contact with the industry is essential. Together with our customers, we look at their needs. Especially for the future.

Collaborating with us means having a business partner for life. We walk the extra mile, beyond our regular design, manufacturing, and delivery process. Close contact is necessary, because we feel the responsibility.

Are you looking for excellence in pump & filtration systems? The answer is simple: Hendor!