Hendor partners up with Pforzheimer OTSM for next level service & support

Hendor announces with great joy a new partnership with OTSM GmbH from Pforzheim, Germany. Together the companies will work as solution partners on next level service & support for their customers in the surface finishing industry in Southern Germany.

Solution partnership

The partnership between Hendor and OTSM entails working together as technology partners, sharing each others’ expertise in order to innovate for the future. In addition, OTSM will assist the Hendor company in providing service support, and spare parts for local customers in the South of Germany. 

Hendor executive director, Paul van Ham: “This partnership feels like a natural extension of our Hendor family. In OTSM, we recognize a clear and innovative technological vision, with focus on sustainability, i.e. energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, repairability, and circularity. These aspects are all fundamentals for Hendor’s way of designing and manufacturing chemical pumps and filters. The fit between our two companies is seamless. That is why we were able to arrange this partnership within a month. Hendor really looks forward to work together on creating smart technology for future generations of the surface finishing industry.”

The executive director of OTSM GmbH, Ilhan Körbulak: "We saw and felt the Slogan Technology & Innovation of OTSM in Hendor. Through open discussions, we were able to agree on a technology partnership.
With our claim to develop technologies that support companies in producing quality, we are committed to the industry in two ways. In order to survive at the top international level, we need constant innovation and strong partners. With Hendor, we now have another company at our side that has a high level of technological expertise.
The partnership with this collaboration, we combine cutting-edge technology and innovation at the highest level. Both companies will offer the most efficient product with Green Thinking through automation technology and construction for the industry. Through the Hendor products that are tailored to our machine technology, we offer a technological process."

Picture: Paul van Ham (left) & Ilhan Körbulak (right)

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