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Serie SHX


2000 - 25000 l/h

33 - 417 l/min

SS horizontal pump SHX250 is a mechanical seal pump, robustly built from high wall thickness stainless steel 316 and equipped with a durable single seal. The SHX250 combines optimized hydraulic efficiency with a robust, compact, and reliable construction. This results in maximum installation uptime and a long service life, providing best in class performance, technically and economically. The horizontal pump SXH250 is designed and manufactured for transfer and circulation of chemicals, typically for high temperature, high alkaline applications. The 3-piece union, makes it easy to build-in and -out, especially for OEM configurations.

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  • Qmax: 25000 l/h
  • Hmax: 15 m
  • Materiaal: SS
  • Motor: 1,1 kW
  • Gewicht: 16 kg


Leaflet SHX.pdf
Leaflet SHX DE.pdf