Hendor celebrates 25 years of presence in North America

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Hendor-PE Inc., our joint venture in the United States. We proudly look back at the way our partners have carried out the Hendor legacy overseas throughout the years. Therefore, we take a moment to celebrate this milestone.

In 1995, Hendor Inc. was founded by Ron Meuldijk, Rinie Voets and Henk Bohncke, which later on continued as Hendor-PE Inc after Plating Electronic GmbH stepped in. The purpose of this joint venture was to supply the surface finishing and electroplating industries in North America with Hendor pumps & filter systems. With the local presence, the Hendor level of service and support was secured.

Ron Meuldijk: “I look back with great pleasure at the last 25 years of working with Hendor. To me, it feels like I am part of one big family.” Ron’s dedication to Hendor-PE shows through this nice anecdote: “It was the beginning of my days at Hendor Inc. I still worked part-time for my former employer.One day Rinie called and asked me to visit one of our customers. It was only in the next state over (North-Carolina). I had some flexibility with my working hours – worked the 3rdshift. I drove 6 hours to the customer, had my meeting, and drove 7 hours back home.”

With hard work, our partners have established the Hendor name in the USA, Canada and Mexico. For that, we would like to express our appreciation towards them. We hope to continue this fruitful collaboration for at least another 25 years.

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