Ag reclaiming made simple with Hendor HRC; directly at the rinse tank

In times of growing use of Silver [Ag] electroplating, especially for electronic applications, the reclaim by plate out of Silver from the rinses can be a huge cost safer. The Hendor Recovery Cell (HRC) for precious metal recovery with highest reclaim efficiency available allows direct plate out from the rinses. With a plate-out rate of up to 20 gr/h, the Ag value reclaim is approx. 14 USD per hour.

Highly efficient precious metal reclaim directly at your rinse tank

Precious metal loss, like for example silver, is very common in the production processes of plating companies in a range of industries. During the plating process, drag-out losses end up in rinsing water, and eventually go down the drain. Frequently used ion exchange (IX) reclaim systems may be relatively inexpensive to purchase, but impose high post-processing reclaim costs - manual labor and special equipment. With the HRC, precious metals are reclaimed without post-processing, directly at the rinse tank, By applying a highly efficient plate-out process, deposited metals are immediately ready to be shipped to your refiner after determining its weight. 

A fine cylindric metallic matrix is inserted into the HRC, acting as a cathode. The constant high liquid velocity induces strong turbulence at the cathode. High turbulence inside the Hendor HRC system enhances fast mass transport, and continuously delivers new ions to the cathode surface. Thus, plate out at a significant rate and down to very low concentration is guaranteed. The cathode can hold a large quantity of solid, plated precious metal without intermediate maintenance, or causing an anode-cathode short circuit. Once fully loaded, the cathode can be removed easily. Accountability is assured simply by weighing the cathode before sending it out to the refinery.

Benefits of the Hendor HRC

In the end, the investment in a HRC results in a cost reduction for plating companies. Other advantages of the HRC are:
  • Up to 20 gr/h Ag and 7 gr/h Au plate out rate
  • Full PP construction
  • Low energy operating costs
  • Optimal high speed deposition
  • Inexpensive/disposable cathodes
  • Cathode loading up to 7 kg
  • Precise record keeping of metal extracted
  • Easy inexpensive processing
  • Little floor space required
  • High quality 100W pe rectifier
  • Applicable for both rinse water and spent electrolytes

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Photo credit: Galvano Hengelo

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