This is why you should use vertical pumps for scrubber applications

It still is pretty common to see horizontal pumps being used in scrubber applications. Hendor has the experience that there is a more effective and reliable alternative for these pumps: vertical sealless immersion, dry run safe centrifugal pumps.

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Requirements for chemical pumps in fume or gas scrubber applications

A fume scrubber is a device that removes pollutants (fumes or gasses) from industrial exhaust before releasing it in the air, making sure hazardous substances are taken out preventing pollution.  
Wet scrubbers use a liquid scrubbing solution to collect hazardous particles from the industrial exhaust. The hazardous fumes are lead through a liquid mist that is created by pumping the liquid through nozzles creating a multiple wet curtain inside the scrubber. When the particles come in contact with the liquid, they leave the air and remain in the liquid, thereby purifying the air.

In this process the pump is the most critical component since it provides the wet curtain catching the pollutants. When the pump fails, the pollutants are released into the free air. 
Therefore, the following criteria should be kept in mind during the selection of pumps for scrubber applications:

•    Best efficient point (BEP) and duty point as close as possible
•    Construction without bearings or mechanical seal 
•    Extended motor shaft without coupling
•    Material resistance against the chemical liquid
•    Inside- or outdoor operation
•    In-tank- of out-of-tank application
•    Starting- and operational liquid tank level
•    Flow back volume at shut-off stage

Advantages of vertical pumps over horizontal pumps in scrubber applications

Based on our experience in the scrubber industry, our experts recommend vertical pumps because of the following benefits:

-    One vertical pump is enough. For a scrubber application with horizontal pump, it is common to have a second pump as backup. With a vertical pump, no back-up pump is needed.
-    Hendor vertical pumps run without mechanical seal or bearings; none wear parts present. This makes the pump much more durable and reliable for this typical application. 
-    Hardly any maintenance
-    Long service life
-    No risk to leakage
-    Less piping
-    Higher up time 
-    Increased reliability
-    Close to zero risk on unplanned breakdown

Hendor offers three vertical pump series which are perfectly suitable for scrubber applications: D18 series, D24 series and D30 series

Hendor understands that every OEM and manufacturer has different requirements. Therefore, we personally advise you on the best solutions that suit your equipment, based on our 70 plus years of expertise in the surface fishing industry. Contact Hendor for a consultation with one of our chemical pump and filter experts.

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