Maintenance-free pumps for powder coating spray tunnels

Whenever you are building a powder coating plant, you basically have two options when it comes to the spray tunnel pumps: a horizontal- or vertical pump. Making the right choice, will make a huge difference. Based on our extensive experience, that would be the vertical immersion pump. Why? We will elaborate on our preference in this blog.

First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with choosing a horizontal pump for your spray tunnel application. However, wear and leakage can lead your whole powder coating line to an unplanned stop. You will have to execute an emergency pump repair before you can resume your powder coating process.

Why vertical pumps are better for powder coating spray tunnels

With a vertical pump, you get an extremely reliable, robust, and maintenance-free alternative, which can prevent unplanned downtime from happening. A vertical pump has no wear parts, nor any pump seal or -bearings. The cantilever technology with the fully balanced motor shaft in one piece guarantees maximum motor bearing life. The long shaft motor is equipped with oversized bearings, which will run for years without requiring any maintenance.

With the vertical pump being built in the cover of the tank, floor spills are fully prevented. In addition, you save on suction pipe work and valves when installing a vertical pump. This makes the application even more cost efficient. Moreover, it will take up less space in comparison to an external horizontal pump, which mostly stands beside the tank.

At Hendor we have several vertical pumps which are perfect for your powder coating plant: D24, D30 series, and the D400 series. All with or without Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

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