We pride ourselves on the high-quality standards we maintain at Hendor. This applies to both our robust, durable pumps and filter systems, and the service we provide to our customers. Based on our broad knowledge of your chemical processes, we help you select the right pump or filter solution. We then provide you with all the necessary information and assist in maintaining, overhauling or replacing your pumps and filters. 
You can contact us via the contact form on this page if you need technical support on spare parts and maintenance. Repair or overhaul requests can be submitted via our repair page

Spare parts

Hendor pumps and filter systems are built to last so that they can operate reliably. We make this possible by using the best quality raw materials and components. With Life Cycle Cost (LCC) in mind, our products operate like the best in their class. It is therefore more cost-effective to maintain and repair our pumps and filters instead of replacing them. To encourage this sustainable and economical consideration, we guarantee that our spare parts will be available for a minimum of ten years. The long-term service of your Hendor product makes it more than worth extending this period through maintenance and repair.

We offer a special spare part service for all customers. If you need spare parts, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page. Our support team will contact you soon to provide you with the parts you need. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the support team at


We are proud of our knowledge, experience, people and materials we use to help you. Especially when you have commissioned one of our products. Together with us, you can set up an effective maintenance program so that you get the maximum capacity and lifespan out of your product.  
For any situation where you need maintenance of your pump or filter system, please fill in the service form at the bottom of this page. Our support team will contact you soon to jointly arrive at the most appropriate solution. This can be: 

At your location:
  • Upgrading
  • Preventative maintenance
At Hendor:
  • Upgrading


If you need repair or overhaul of your pump or filter system, we can offer you the best service. Hendor has a separate page for submitting repair or overhaul requests. Discover all repair and overhaul options for your pump or filter system on our repair page.  

Request for spare parts or maintenance 

Using the contact form below, you can submit a request for spare parts or maintenance to us. Please fill in the serial and type number of your product so that we can easily offer you the right service and spare parts. The serial and type number can be found on your pump or filter as shown in the illustration. You can also tick the box whether you wish to receive a manual.


Service- & spare parts request

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