Hendor maintains high quality standards by offering the most robust and durable pumps and filtration systems, and especially the best service and support possible. This starts with our application knowhow of your chemical processes, based on which we help you to select the best possible pump- and filter solution for your typical application. Next, we make every type of requested information available, and offer you a hand in maintaining, reconditioning, or replacing your pumps and filters.

Feel free to contact us at any moment, should you require any type of technical- or application support. You can reach us via telephone, e-mail, or the contact form down below.


Spare parts

Hendor pumps and filtration systems are durably built to run and work reliably. This is achieved by using the best quality raw materials and components. Looking at the Life Cycle Cost (LCC), your Hendor product performs best in class. One of the key values of Hendor pumps and filters is that it pays off to maintain and repair, instead off replacing by a new one. To support this sustainable and economical choice, Hendor guarantees a minimal spare parts availability of 10 years. The long service of your Hendor product makes it more than worthwhile to extend that period by maintaining and repairing.

We provide a special spare part service for all our customers. In case you are in need of new spare parts, you can fill in the request form down below. After filling in the form, our support team will contact you shortly to provide you with all the parts you need. Should you have any additional questions, please contact our support team via



We pride ourselves for having the knowledge, experience, people, and materials to assist you. Even after you installed one of our products at your plant. In case you need your pumps or filtration system repaired or revised, we can offer you the best service on location, or in our own factory. Furthermore, you can work with us to set up an effective maintenance program to make sure you get the maximum life time and reliability out of your Hendor pump or filtration system.

For every Service and Support matter, you can request our assistance by sending an e-mail to or filling in our special repair request form down below. Our support team will contact you shortly to discuss the most suitable solution regarding your situation. This can be:

At your location:
  • Repair
  • Reconditioning
  • Upgrading
  • Preventative maintenance
At Hendor:
  • Repair
  • Reconditioning
  • Upgrading
We ask you to fill In the serial- and type number of your product, so we can easily match the correct spare parts to your application. The serial- and type number can be found on your pump or filter, as depicted on the illustration. You can also check whether you want to receive a manual.


Service- & spare parts request

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