Pumps and filters for Watch & Jewellery industry 

Hendor has a long standing history with its sophisticated, reliable and effective pumps and filters in the watch and jewellery industry. Especially in Switzerland the famous brands work with Hendor in their electroplating line to reach the best possible quality and reliability. 

In the watch and jewellery industry, surface treatment is commonly seen to achieve maximum reliability, functionality, and corrosion resistance of the parts and pieces. But foremost to create a beautiful surface appearance. Pumps and filters keep the process liquid clean and make sure of rapid liquid movement. 

Smart technology from Hendor for the watch and jewellery industry

Hendor offers various pump- and filtration solutions for the watch and jewellery industry: 
-    Speciality pumps which Hendor made for the watch industry are 100% foam free vertical pumps and prevent markings on parts. Effective filters prevent roughness and inclusion of particles in the sophisticated precision watch components.
-    Also for the precious metal and all the various gold colour electrolytes Hendor provides ideal highly effective pumps and filters.
-    For the reclaim of precious metal such as gold, palladium and silver Hendor provides an reliable, fast and safe reclaim system based on electrolytic plate out technology. 
-    For those applications where maximum reliability and durability is required, Hendor offers sealless and bearingless vertical pumps in PP, PVDF, or Stainless Steel 316. The Hendor vertical pumps can typically run for many years without any maintenance. 

Most suitable pumps and filters for your watch and jewellery pre-treatment line

With Hendor pumps and filters in your pre-treatment line, you can rely on maximum uptime and minimum rejection rates, providing reliability and minimal Total Cost of Ownership. All our products are easy to maintain with spare parts guaranteed available for at least next 10 years.

Vertical immersion pump D90 series

Vertical immersion pump D16 series

In-tank filtration systems

Precious metal recovery cell