Pumps and filters for Printed Circuit Board lines

Hendor has been serving the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry for 40 years. Our most reliable and effective pumps & filters for PCB wet chemical processing lines contribute to a significant enhanced machine reliability and uptime.

The production of a PCB is a very precise and complex technology. Various mechanical, wet chemical, and surface finishing steps follow each other endlessly, which finally lead to the typical green Circuit Board we all know. Sometimes the name Printed Wiring Board (PWB) is also used. 

In a PCB manufacturing plant the following chemical processes can be found: 
-    Developing, Etching and Stripping (DES)
-    Desmear and bonding
-    PTH and Via filling with direct metallisation or electroless technologies
-    Electroplating of copper, tin and solder during Pattern and Panel plating
-    Final finishes, such as ENIG, Immersion Tin or Silver and Gold plating

The PCB wet chemical process equipment used for these processes are;
-    Horizontal lines
-    Vertical lines
-    Rack lines. 

Pumps and filters play a crucial role in these process lines since they have a significant influence on machine uptime and rejection rate.

Smart technology from Hendor for Printed Circuit Board lines 

For each line and wet process Hendor offers the best in class pump and filter providing a reliable in spray process, steady flow rate, and constant pressure. Furthermore, our filters keep the chemical process clean preventing particle co-deposition leading to rejects.

Important advantages of our products: 
-    In the wet chemical processing machinery, Hendor provides vertical pumps with vapour lock, a titanium shaft and a special 4 layer two component acid resistant coating, for a long and reliable service life. 
-    Our rinse pumps are sealless vertical pumps made from polypropylene (PP) with high efficiency and low maintenance requirement for lowest total cost of ownership.
-    The Hendor filters for PCB wet processing are easy to use and prevent by-passing to prevent any nozzle blocking.
-    For zero emission and horizontal applications the Hendor magnetic drive pumps in PP and PVDF provide a reliable service and allow the process equipment to run continuously.

Most suitable pumps and filters for your PCB line

With Hendor pumps and filters in your PCB wet chemical processing line, you can rely on maximum yield and machine uptime, providing reliability and minimal Total Cost of Ownership. All our products are easy to maintain with spare parts guaranteed available for at least next 10 years.

Filtration system series 15

Horizontal centrifugal pumps MX160 series 

Vertical immersion pumps D18 series