Innovating the chemical pumps and filters industry is an important part of our core business. Our strength lies in designing and manufacturing pumps & filter solutions which are future proof. Because to Hendor, being innovative means that we create solutions which guarantee a long and effective product lifetime.

Leading edge in chemical resistant pumps and filters

Our expertise is based on 75 years of experience in the chemical pumps and filters industry. We know and understand the complexity of our customers’ production processes. Keeping their needs in mind, we create extra value for our products, apart from the high quality materials they are built of.

We take a great pleasure in challenging ourselves when it comes to finding innovative solutions for the market. At Hendor, we make this possible with research & development. Our experts constantly improve our pump and filter systems by investigating and testing new pumping & filter techniques and technologies. A key factor for these solutions is sustainability. We constantly strive for the best quality at the lowest environmental cost – energy cost, material use, waste, carbon footprint.

Working with Hendor

What can you expect from a collaboration with Hendor? Our experts observe the specific need, draft some prototypes, test them in house and on location, and install them in case of success. The signature Hendor style: we stay highly involved.

Are you interested in an innovative pump & filter system solution by Hendor? Feel free to contact us.