Repair of your Hendor pumps and filtration systems

At Hendor, we value the continuity of our pumps and filters. They are designed and manufactured for the lowest possible footprint. We therefore believe in the power of overhaul and repair to extend the life of our products. In doing so, we avoid unnecessary, full replacement of a pump or filter system and minimise the impact on the environment.

Hendor also offers a maintenance and spare parts service. Discover all the possibilities on our service page.  
We offer various repair options for our pumps and filter systems. Our technical experts will work with you to find the best solution for your situation, be it overhaul or repair. We are happy to put all our knowledge, experience, people and materials to work to help you.  
All pumps and filters are repaired or overhauled in-house at Hendor. If you need repair or overhaul of your pump or filter system, please fill in the enquiry form below. We will review your request as soon as possible and then provide you with instructions on how to send the pump or filter.  
Our support team is always at your service if you have any questions about the repair or overhaul of your Hendor pump or filter system. You can contact them at

Repair or service request

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