Pumps & filtration systems

At Hendor, you will find chemical-resistant pumps and filtration systems for the surface finishing industry and scrubber applications. We offer durable solutions for machine builders and end users in the reel-to-reel plating, printed circuit board, GMF, plating on plastic, wire and steel applications, anodising, powder coating, scrubber, aerospace, automotive, electroless nickel, metal recovery, and watch and jewellery industries.  

Hendor has been successful in specialist pumps and filters for 75 years

We control all facets of the production chain, from design to manufacturing and assembly. This results in high quality standards and fast delivery times. Both our customised and standard products are distinguished by innovative design, low energy consumption and long service life, resulting in a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

As a dynamic family business, we believe in the power of partnership and invest in long-term relationships. Our employees are happy to use their knowledge and experience to give you the right advice. We like to think along with you in finding the solution that best suits your issue. This way, you benefit from a sustainable and reliable product with high uptime and low operating costs. 


Smart technology for future generations

All Hendor products are designed and manufactured for the lowest possible impact on the environment. By using the best quality materials and encouraging preventive maintenance and repair, we minimise both our footprint and that of our customers. In this way, together with machine builders and end users in the surface treatment industry, we can green our industry.  

Our experts are always there for you. Doing business with Hendor is a pleasure!