Pumps and filters for Plating On Plastic 

Hendor has been serving the Plating On Plastic (POP) industry for 20 years. Our most reliable and effective pumps & filters for POP lines contribute to a significant enhanced machine reliability and uptime.

Plating on plastic is one of the largest growing markets within the surface finishing industry. Increasing demand for lightweight metal substitutes in the automotive and electronics industries are expected to be key driving factors in the market. 

Plating on plastics refers to electroplating the plastic components with metals such as nickel, chrome, electro-less nickel, copper, cobalt phosphorous, gold, silver and others.  Injection-molded parts are processed through the “POP” process using etching for adhesion promotion, followed by catalytic deposition of nickel or copper to make the part conductive. The part is then finished with electrolytic copper, nickel, and chromium to provide the desired strength, appearance, and corrosion performance.

This process offers several functional as well as decorative benefits to the finished product. The process provides an excellent surface quality along with additional benefits such as flexibility, toughness and lightness to the substrate.

Applications as varied as automotive parts, home appliances, sanitary ware, and beauty products rely on chromium finishes to create an attractive, durable, and corrosion-resistant finish on plastic parts. The requirements of the end application for the part will determine the optimum base materials, metal type, and plating thickness, which in turn defines the process and performance.

Filtration is one of the key factors to run a successful POP coating process. Contaminations in the process solutions and rinses lead to prevent high rejection rates. By selecting highly effective, easy to maintain and durably filtration systems, yields of the POP manufacturing are significantly increased. 

Smart technology from Hendor for the Plating On Plastics industry

Hendor offers various pump and filtration solutions for the POP industry:
-    Horizontal centrifugal pumps both with magnetic drive or mechanical seal technology for bath agitation, circulation and chemical transfer in PP, PVDF, or Stainless Steel 316. Besides in the production line, these pumps also find their application in the waste water treatment plant.
-    For those applications where maximum reliability and durability is required, Hendor offers sealless and bearingless vertical pumps in PP, PVDF, or Stainless Steel 316. The Hendor vertical pumps can typically run for many years without any maintenance. 
-    Hendor offers the full range of Horizontal Disc and Cartridges filtration systems for each and every step in the POP line.

Most suitable pumps and filters for your POP line

With Hendor pumps and filters in your POP line, you can rely on maximum uptime and minimum rejection rates, providing reliability and minimal Total Cost of Ownership. All our products are easy to maintain with spare parts guaranteed available for at least next 10 years.

Filtration systems

Satin nickel filtration system