Pumps and filters for Reel-to-Reel plating applications

Hendor has been serving the Reel-to-Reel industry since its development by Philips and Meco, 40 years ago. Our most reliable and effective pumps & filters for Reel-to-Reel plating lines contribute to a significant enhanced machine reliability and uptime. 

In the Semiconductor and Electronics industries many small components such as leadframes and connectors are used. These components are plated as a stamped- or full strip in a continues Reel-to-Reel plating line. Also called continuous plating. The main electroplated coatings are copper, nickel, tin, and, precious metals silver, gold and palladium. Typically selective plating or spot plating is used for these precious metals.

At Hendor, we know the important role that pumps and filters play in this industry. They determine whether the metal layer is consistent, smooth, and well adhering. In addition, they assist in reclaiming the precious metals for reuse. 

Our highly reliable pumps add maximum value by preventing unplanned line stop, loss of production time, and reduce rejection rates.  

Smart technology from Hendor for Reel-to-Reel plating lines

Hendor was the first to set the standard for vertical pumps in Reel-to-Reel plating lines. Still, it is common for most plating companies to use horizontal pumps. However, the advantages of a vertical pump over a horizontal pump in a plating line are:
-    No seal or bearings
-    Hardly any maintenance
-    Long service life
-    No risk to leakage
-    Less piping 
-    Higher up time 
-    Increased reliability
-    Close to zero risk on unplanned breakdown

Additionally, Hendor developed more innovative technologies:
-    for on-line selective removal of Stannic (Sn4+) from tin electrolyte, we developed a stannic filter.
-    For precious metal recovery, such as gold, silver and palladium, we designed our HRC by use of electrolytic plate-out on to an easy to reclaim remelting cathode.

Most suitable pumps and filters for your plating line

With Hendor pumps and filters in your Reel-to-Reel line, you can rely on maximum yield and machine uptime. This provides reliability and minimal Total Cost of Ownership. All our products are easy to maintain with spare parts guaranteed available for at least next 10 years.

Vertical immersion pumps D90 series

Vertical immersion pumps D18 series

Filter chambers

Precious metal recovery cell