Bofil has fully merged into Hendor as of November 1, 2022. With the integration of Bofil into Hendor, we are going back to how both companies once started. As a result, the current Bofil product line will be phased out.

Back to how it all started

The Bohncke family started Hendor in 1948. A few years later, two brothers went their separate ways with Bofil (Bohncke Filter). Right from the start, Bofil was a respected player in the electroplating industry through its highly regarded filter pumps Types V and X. The company brought innovation to the market by being one of the first to use polypropylene (PP) as the base material for the filter pumps instead of PMMA. Eventually, Bofil and Hendor were reunited as a family business through acquisition in 2009. Since then the Bofil filter pumps have been built at the Hendor head office in Bladel. 

The same premium quality under one brand

Technical knowledge, experience and production processes for both the Bofil and Hendor products are now fully interwoven. This has led to the decision to continue under one brand name: Hendor. This brand is also a world renowned name in the surface finishing industry due to its premium quality chemical pumps and filters. 

Hendor is always ready for you 

We find it important that this brand transition runs smoothly for you as a Bofil customer. Parts for your Bofil product will remain available, only while supplies last. The Hendor team is always ready to offer you the same service you are accustomed to from Bofil.  

For all your product related-, technical-, or other questions regarding Bofil, please contact our customer service team using the contact form below. 

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