Anodizing Hot Seal more sustainable and profitable? Start with Filtration!

The Hendor hot seal filtration systems contribute to a greener surface finishing industry. By using these systems, anodizing plants reduce hot seal dilution requirements by at least 10 times. 

Throughout the entire surface finishing industry, manufacturers and OEM’s look for more sustainable solutions for their plants and applications. As we discussed in our green strategy, Hendor knows that sustainability does not only concern the lifetime of pumps and filters. It is also their energy efficiency, carbon footprint, raw materials and water usage etc. Our hot seal filtration systems are the perfect example of a great sustainable solution for anodizing plants. 

Hendor hot seal filtration systems: benefits for your anodizing plant

Key savings and improvements of a Hendor hot seal filtration system:
  • energy consumption - less re-heating
  • water consumption - less dilutions
  • chemical consumption - less dilutions
  • waste treatment volumes - less dilutions
  • rejection rate - less dust/smut
  • re-work labor - less dust/smut

Normally, after the final hot sealing step in the anodizing process, companies dilute water periodically keeping contamination level below the mS target. This does not only contribute to unnecessary water waste, it also costs more energy to heat-up again to the target temperature of 96°C. It will take time and, more importantly, costly energy to re-heat cooled down water.

The Hendor hot seal filters make sure that your hot sealing DI water always stays clean, less water and chemistry  is used and wasted, and less energy is needed because of less heating the water. In addition, anodized products will always come out of the hotseal filter completely clean. Therefore, you will not have any product rejections or dirty parts which need cleaning afterwards.

Discover the Hendor Hot Seal Filters here

Hendor understands that every OEM and manufacturer has different requirements. Therefore, we personally advise you on the best solutions that suit your equipment, based on our 70 plus years of expertise in the surface fishing industry. Contact Hendor for a consultation with one of our chemical pump and filter experts. 

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