Market insights from Hendor at Stuttgart Trade Fair and Sur/Fin Atlanta

In the first week of June, Hendor was present at the biennial Surface Technology trade fair in Stuttgart and the annual Sur/Fin trade fair in Atlanta. As we were very excited to see and speak to everyone, we were also very curious of what is happening in the surface finishing industry. After many conversations, we identified the key trends which currently affect our branch.

Business and industry growth in relation to geopolitical situation and consumer behavior

The surface technology industry is intricately tied to global dynamics and evolving consumer behaviors across key market segments. Recent years have witnessed significant shifts influenced by geopolitical tensions, trade policies, and environmental regulations. These factors have had profound impacts on industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, business electronics, and construction, each exhibiting distinct patterns in response to global trends.

· Automotive Sector: As a cornerstone of manufacturing, the automotive industry faces dual pressures from geopolitical uncertainties and consumer demand for sustainability. Recent years have seen a push towards electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid technologies, driven by stringent emissions standards and consumer preference for eco-friendly options. This shift necessitates advanced surface treatment solutions that enhance durability, and corrosion resistance while adhering to regulatory requirements. At the same time, fashion trends reduce the need for plated decorative finishes for aesthetic appeal.

· Business & Consumer Electronics: The rapid pace of technological innovation in consumer electronics demands surface treatment technologies for enhanced product performance. Geopolitical factors affecting supply chains and trade agreements influence sourcing decisions and production strategies, prompting manufacturers to seek reliable and adaptable surface treatment solutions.

· Presidential elections in USA: Due to the current focus of the US government on international affairs and upcoming presidential elections, business and economic developments are slow in the entire country. With every other industry, the surface finishing branch is hoping for new government policies that will boost domestic business. Therefore, now more than ever, machine builders and manufacturers look for local partners, keeping their supply chain in the US.

Market development and trends

Against this backdrop of geopolitical complexity and evolving consumer behavior, the Surface Technology trade fair in Stuttgart and Sur/Fin in Atlanta showcased dynamic market developments and emerging marketing trends.

The industry's trajectory is increasingly influenced by sustainable practices and regulatory frameworks aimed at reducing environmental impact. Manufacturers are embracing cleaner production processes, reduced energy consumption and eco-friendly surface treatments to align with consumer preferences for sustainable products.

In the US, the focus on sustainability is rather indirect than direct. Because of the slow market growth, the amount of new line building projects is small. Line builders and manufacturers prefer to upgrade their already existing line instead of building a completely new one.

Future readiness of Hendor products

Hendor's presence at both trade fairs underscored its commitment to innovation, supporting the industry going green. We showcased our advancements in filtration and chemical pumps, enhancing efficiency and sustainability across applications. Again, new Hendor products have been optimized for performance and operational reliability, hence offering best in class direct and indirect life cycle cost.


The Surface Technology trade fair in Stuttgart and Sur/Fin in Atlanta provided a comprehensive overview of the evolving landscape shaped by geopolitical dynamics and consumer behavior trends. Hendor remains at the forefront, navigating these complexities with innovation and strategic foresight. As industries adapt to geopolitical shifts and consumer preferences, our commitment to sustainable practices and product excellence positions us as a key partner in advancing greener surface treatment technologies.

Hendor understands that every OEM and manufacturer has different requirements. Therefore, we personally advise you on the best solutions that suit your equipment, based on our 75 plus years of expertise in the surface finishing industry. Contact Hendor for a consultation with one of our chemical pump and filter experts. Join us going green!

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