The Hendor standard: safe & easy installation and maintenance

Installing and connecting pumps to your pipework can take quite some time. We understand that our customers prefer their plants to be up and running as quick as possible. Therefore, we have a unique piece of Hendor service for all our horizontal and vertical pumps: the complementary three-piece pump union.

When you buy new pumps for your plant or application, you have to take into account the piping of the pumps on to your installation. Most pumps have thread only and can’t be directly connected to the pipework. It often requires additional threaded connection pieces and tape. This takes extra time, energy and money, to prepare the connection for your pump. That’s where the extra Hendor value comes in: we deliver all our pumps with pre-fabricated three-piece unions. Not only to make your business easier, but most importantly, to assist you in building a reliable, and safe installation.

Benefits of the complementary pump union:

  • The union makes the connection 100% leak free.
  • It makes detaching for maintenance, and reinstalling afterwards, quicker and easier.
  • In case of pump replacement, you don’t have to readjust your piping around the pump.
  • Extra bonus: you don’t necessarily have to use the same piping material as the union. This broadens the spectrum of possibilities when it comes to choosing our Hendor pumps.

Are you interested in more details about our accessory pump union? Feel free to contact Hendor.


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