TechTalk on New Filtration Systems

TechTalk on New Filtration Systems

Our Global Sales Director, Keest Stigter, was invited by Tim Pennington of American trade journal Finishing & Coating to talk about the Hendor filtration systems.

Mentioned in the interview:
"The HE-FSD-152-HT-S220 and the HE-FSD-153-HT-S300 are robust and durable horizontal disc filtration systems made from machined Simona AlphaPlus high-performance polypropylene, which is temperature resistant up to 100°C. It is specially designed for hot seal applications and built on a PP frame that well protects the pump. The thermally isolating PP material reduces the heat loss significantly and is therefore also safe for operators to work on.

Stigter says the system has several unique improvements, including strongly improved hydrodynamics that saves energy. Other features include:

  • Improved design of bottom inlet
    • Design adapted to pump capacity
    • A smoother flow-path for less flow resistance
  • Newly designed cartridge support rods
    • Larger diameter opening
    • More rigid
    • 10”, 20” and 30” IR-welded solid piece
    • Does not fit in old filter chambers
  • Less energy lost is more energy for filtration

The hydrodynamic improvements provide less resistance in cartridge support rods, less resistance in filter chambers, large 30-inch chambers now standard available, and lower flow per sqm or 10-inch cartridge eq."

Watch the whole interview in the video below. 


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