Benefits of HE-filters for the surface finishing industry

The new Hendor HE-filters are the first green alternative to pumps and filters for the surface finishing industry. With the industry's growing impact on our planet in mind, our technical experts have fully optimized the design of the filters. In doing so, they have not only considered the contribution for the end user, but also for ourselves as manufacturers. In this way, we collectively reduce our footprint on the planet. 

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The impact of HE-filters for your application 

As you have come to expect from all of our Hendor pumps and filters, user-friendliness is paramount. With the new HE-filters, this is reflected in several components:

  • The convenient hinged lid. You change filter media in an efficient, clean and fast way. 
  • Smart pump pull-back system. You can easily reach the pump for installation and removal. This allows you to finish maintenance faster, with more time for regular maintenance and therefore less pump damage, waste and longer life as a result.  
  • Intermediate cable with plug. You easily disconnect the pump electrically. 

In addition, extra attention has been paid to durability:

  • Longer and better dirt loading of filters. There is a greater interval between cleaning moments which leads to less filter media consumption in the long run.
  • Hydrodynamically optimized piping. The filter has maximum energy efficiency due to less pressure loss and 26% more flow.
  • Components made of the highest quality Simona® polypropylene, manufactured and assembled in the Netherlands by our technical experts. The filter has a maximum service life, reducing the total cost of ownership. 

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