Hendor expands network in Turkey with OTMK-Group

Hendor expands network in Turkey with OTMK-Group

Hendor has entered into a partnership with OTMK-Group in Turkey. Together, the companies are working to optimize the supply of high-quality chemical pumps and filters for the Turkish surface finishing industry.

Innovation, service and partnership

With this partnership, Hendor continues to build on its strategy to provide the surface finishing industry with smart technology for future generations. OTMK-Group serves as the official exclusive distributor of all Hendor pumps, filter systems, spare parts and service throughout Turkey.

Hendor values customers receive the best possible quality and service. For this reason, the company is going the extra mile in collaboration with OTMK-Group in Türkiye. To enable quick response and prevent lead times, Hendor products and spare parts will be held stock in Türkiye. This will be a main advantage for customers in Türkiye.

Kees Stigter, Global Sales Director at Hendor on the partnership:
“With its association with the Turkish entity of OTMK-group, Hendor has partnered with an internationally established distributor/manufacturer in the plating and surface treatment industry. After successful cooperation with OTMK’s sister company OTMK in Germany, Hendor is happy announcing to extend that cooperation in the Turkish market. OTMK will bundle dispersed Hendor activities in Türkiye, that have been built over the last decades. By funnelling existing business relations trough OTMK, Hendor will improve its services, presence and efficiency in the Turkish market” without dismantling existing business partnerships. We look forward to a bright future, working together with our OTMK Group in Türkiye.”

Ilhan Körbulak, managing director of OTMK-group, on the partnership:
“The existing partnership between Hendor and OTMK is also being expanded in Turkey so that they work together as technology partners and establish the products on the Turkish market.
With our claim to develop technologies that support companies in producing quality, we are committed to the industry in two ways. In order to survive at the top international level, we need constant innovation and strong partners. With this cooperation, we as OTMK will establish cutting-edge technology and innovation at the highest level in the Turkish market. Both companies will offer the most efficient product with Green Thinking through automation technology and constructive for the industry.”

About Hendor

Hendor is an innovative manufacturer of high quality chemical and corrosion resistant pumps and filters. Based in the Netherlands and founded in 1948. Hendor has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of high quality pumps and filters for the surface treatment industry and production of printed circuit boards, connectors and semiconductors for 75 years.

About OTMK-Group

The OTMK-Group is a market-leading in engineering, production and dealer of machine and plant engineering, robotics, automation and control technology companies. The company operates on the Turkish and German market and supplies products for the fields of connectors, electroplating, surface treatment, automotive, electronics, aerospace, assembly lines and automation systems.

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